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Bizarre Breeds of Hairless Cats

Sphynx Cat — Sphynx cats came about when a single hairless kitten, who was born in Canada in 1966, was mated with his mother. Today Sphynxes are still rare, although the breed is more genetically sound. Sphynx cats can leave greasy marks if they stay in one place for too long because their skin produces natural oils.

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat — The Ukrainian Levkoy’s profile is angular, and the breed is described as ‘dog-faced’. The smooth-skinned specimen pictured is hairless, but some Levkoys may have patches of hair or be covered in short downy fur. There are still only a few hundred around the world, although the breed is gaining popularity internationally.

Elf Cat — These cats are a new addition to the cat world. These strange looking kitties are the result of a cross between the Sphynx and the American Curl (that’s where they get those amazing ears from). Elf cats are hardier than most pure breeds. The traits they acquired from the American Curls are believed to be free of many of the genetic problems from which other purebred cats suffer.

Peterbald Cat — The Peterbald is another often, but not always, hairless breed of cat. These cats are known for their long, lean bodies, large pointed ears, and big, almond-shaped eyes. And as you can see from this photo, they also have a rather unusual characteristic for cats: webbed feet!

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